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immanuel-lifestyle-class-flyerLiving from the Heart

A journey into authentic relationship with self, others, and God

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Are you ready to move beyond survival and thrive? You can fill those longings for deep, authentic relationships and spiritual depth as you grow in your awareness of what motivates and restricts your thinking, feelings, and actions.  This course will move you beyond self-protective patterns into relating heart to heart.

Many people struggle with the skills needed for growing healthy relationships.  Many battle with issues of trust, intimacy, vulnerability, and letting go of personal control over life.  Deep abiding healing requires a safe place to learn new tools and practice new skills.  As you become aware of patterns that are no longer working in your life you can try new options for creating the love and joy that you long for.  Through weekly instruction, group coaching, and daily exercises, Living from the Heart provides that safe place to heal from the past and build the thriving relationships you were created for.

Facilitator, Misa Leonessa, is a master transformation coach, certified spiritual director,  Immanuel Prayer Coach and abuse survivor.  She is the producer and host of Beyond Abuse Radio and a writer and speaker on healthy relationships, communication, spiritual growth and trauma healing.

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Some of the topics covered in the course are:

  • It’s All About How We Think- Creating Awareness for New Possibilities
  • Radical Self-Care- Being Responsible for You
  • Becoming Courageous Individuals- Stepping into Your Authentic Self
  • Being Set Free- Finding Spiritual Health
  • Telling Yourself the Truth- Confronting False Beliefs
  • Choosing Trust- Learning Appropriate Vulnerability
  • Letting Go of Survival Ways
  • Embracing Your Wounded Parts With Love
  • Boundaries in Relationships- Finding Your Voice
  • Attachment Paradigms and Problems- Moving into Security
  • Communicating for Intimacy- Going from the Head to the Heart
  • Healing Your Sexuality- Giving and Receiving Love

For more information or to sign up for Living from the Heart, go here

A message from Misa:

I would like to invite you to join us for a journey of a lifetime.  Living from the Heart is a nine month course that combines life transformation coaching, group experience, and individual work to achieve enduring changes in the way you see and relate to yourself and others.  Are you ready to move into thriving connections and live authentically in love and joy?  If so, it’s time to learn to Live from the Heart!

On this journey you will create deeper levels of self-awareness and embrace all of yourself in love in the context of a safe and supportive group.  You will learn to set healthy boundaries and how to create secure attachments with the people you love.  You will be encouraged to let go of previously adopted survival ways that are no longer working and take great care of yourself.  You will replace false beliefs with the truth about who you really are, grow deeper spiritual roots, and address issues of trust, communication and sexuality.

Is it time to thrive?  We welcome you to be part of this adventure into freedom!

Misa Leonessa


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 For more information or to sign up for Living from the Heart, go here