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Selecting your life coach is an important decision. You are not hiring a service, you are creating an alliance with a person. Make sure the coach you choose is right for you! Things to consider are:

  • Professional training
  • Background
  • Compatible personality
  • Capacity to inspire and hold hope for one’s clients

Professional Experience and Training

  • The Life Model Thrive Training, Track I and Track II, with Track III in progress
  • Institute for Life Coach Training, Foundational Course and Advanced Skills Practicum
  • Graduate of Spiritual Directors Institute, Mercy Center
  • Ignatius Spiritual Exercises participant, year I and year II
  • Member, Evangelical Spritual Director’s Association
  • Advanced Training, Theophostic Prayer Ministry
  • Immanuel Prayer Facilitator training levels I and II
  • Life Skills International graduate, Phase I and II
  • Home Educator K-12, 1992-2008
  • Executive Director, Volunteer Bureau of Monterey
  • Director, International Student Services Support, Santa Clara University
  • University of the Pacific, BA, Non-Profit Administration, Sociology.

Life Experience

I am an overcomer!! I have overcome emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse to thrive as a mother, wife, friend, and professional woman. I have also overcome physical challenges, in the form of a genetic vascular disease (HHT).  As a result I have come to understand the importance of a balanced life and self-care. I have endured 28 surgeries and have radically changed my eating habits and exercise, losing 20 pounds. I am a deeply spiritual person, leaning heavily into my relationship with God through the many years of living with these challenges. I believe that suffering offers us an opportunity for profound growth and that we have great hope for healing as we choose to face our pain in the context of support.  Learning to suffer well is one of the keys to a thriving life.  Creating healthy, mature, joyful community is a huge part of living the lives God has intended for us.  My work seeks to grow individuals, families, and communities who are able to bring life to all who are influenced by them.

It takes courage and hard work to change, but I know from first hand experience that the fruit of having healthy relationships and a fulfilling life are well worth it. It IS possible to thrive, no matter what our past was like.


  • I am the proud mother of two lovely daughters and a son-in-love. Both girls graduated from homeschool high school and are nationally ranked competitive speakers. Christina completed her BA in political science and is a campaign manager for local politicians.  Alicia received her master’s in performance studies from University of North Texas and is a gifted communication coach.
  • I have am celebrating the 32nd anniversary of marriage to my husband, Lou this year. A software engineer with the mind of an inventor, he balances my keen people orientation well. We love to hike, sail, and kayak together.
  •  The newest addition to the family is Gizmo, a little red doggy who loves to play and cuddle and walk with me in the forest.
  • We make our home in a small community in the Santa Cruz Mountains where we have lived for 26 years.

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