Immanuel Prayer

Immanuel Prayer has been called the “safest, easiest, and most effective approach to inner healing.” (Karl Lehman)  The goal is to develop intimacy between the God of perfect love and the object of His love…you!  

The developers of Immanuel Prayer believe that God is knowable through personal encounter with Him ( Immanuel Approach website ).  Patricia Velotta, author of Immanuel, A Practicum says that Scripture and the Holy Spirit lead us into the amazing truth that Jesus has always been with us, will always be with us, and is with us now…that we can see Him and hear Him through the Holy Spirit. He is present with us in the here and now!  Like Brother Lawrence taught in the 1600’s, we can PRACTICE his actual presence with us.

There ARE things that hinder us however.  Our wounds, lies, and sin get in the way of finding Jesus and remaining with Him. Immanuel, one of God’s names, means “God with us.”  Continued encounters with Him bring an increase of peace and joy with every meeting.  It removes the barriers that we run into as we attempt to find Him and know Him.

I am a trained Immanuel Prayer coach, recommended by Pastor Patti Velotti.   I believe that connecting to the God of creation through prayer can bring us into new levels of freedom and healing many cannot imagine. The end goal is to have God remove anything that may be getting in the way of being deeply intimate with Him and experiencing the fruits of His Spirit so that our lives are characterized by His love, joy, peace, and grace. My passion is to walk beside the beloved of God (that includes you!) as He sets you free to live in the fulness of His heart for you!

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